Sunday, April 8, 2018

Power of Qi

We have advertently arrived at the topic of Qi, yet once again. The ever so powerful life force that can unlock powerful energies to be used and manipulated by those that are awakened and have practiced enough. More specifically, the use of Qi as martial art. As many of us have seen or maybe experienced first hand. It is still a very debatable topic and claim, as I'm sure many of us have seen the countless online videos where people and practitioners have claimed to have mastered the manipulation of Qi to be able to manifest it into martial use against people, stacks of bricks, steel, rocks or whatever it may be.
No doubt, some if not many of these videos are interesting indeed. It does make you question and think about the authenticity of these claims though.

'Just watch the Qi master vs. MMA fighter where the fight lasted for 10 seconds'
There was another interesting topic which was brought up after this particular fight, as the MMA practitioner bragged about how all Qi masters are false and he vowed to defeat every single one of them to shame. Only to have his ego and mind changed not too long after, as he pleads on video, admitting his mistakes and unrelentingly apologizing.

I still am unable to draw any conclusions, as I have grown up with the teachings and understanding that Qi is the source of life. The core energy of the organic human body and a bridge between the physical realm and non-physical.
Putting the use of Qi as a martial way aside, I personally can feel Qi in the form of subtle energy; static, warmth and "vibe".
 I have practiced meditation and mind settling exercises regularly and I have yet to be able to utilize any sort of Qi that will render me somewhat invincible. I guess I'll have to keep practicing. 

Friday, June 17, 2011


Favourite shoes of martial artists; Feiyue is the definition of comfort when it comes to martial arts training. Used by thousands if not millions in China alone and made popular by the shaolin wushu monks.
It is also becoming the choice of footwear for parkour practicioners and believe it or not even the 'fashionistas'.
Feiyue are alot more popular in the Asian counterpart and they have released various styles and colours to choose from. 
Still one of the best shoes to wear for martial art practices, daily uses or even other sports where flat sole shoes are suitable.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tallest Mountain

"No matter how high a mountain is
there will be a higher one"

It's great to see young wushu practitioners and enthusiasts come together to match away and exhibit their skills and abilities in the 3rd Junior World Wushu Championship. Even though it was junior level championship, high level of wushu performance was expected and it was indeed seen nonetheless. Great talents are coming up and it will only keep coming, the old replaced by the new, the old with the young.
As the old saying goes "there is always a taller mountain than the other".
To be the best you must keep training harder and harder, IMPROVE continually, instead of sticking to same old routines. If you keep doing the same thing for the past months or years, you will only advance so much...Look at mt Everest, being the highest mountain in the world it is continually getting taller gradually to keep it's no.1 spot. When you think about it, to be the "tallest mountain" why not add new set of routines, take up new exercises, replace the old and improve bits and parts of your training that intensify particular workouts and thus giving you better and faster result and most importantly you improve through gradual improvements in your training methods.

3rd World Junior Wushu Championship

The 3rd World Junior Wushu Championship was held on the 2nd to 10th of December at the Jurong East Sports & Cultural Centre (Tentative).

The junior championship commenced with the following events:

a. Taolu

Group A: Changquan, Daoshu, Jianshu, Qiangshu, Gunshu (2nd Set of International Competition Taolu), Nanquan, 42 Forms Taijiquan, 42 Forms Taijijian, Nandao, Nangun (International Competition Taolu), Dual Events

Group B: Changquan, Daoshu, Jianshu, Qiangshu, Gunshu (1st Set of International Competition Taolu), 24 Forms Taijiquan, 32 Forms Taijijian, Nanquan, Nandao (International Competition Taolu)

Group C: Changquan (No.3 Elementary Routine), Daoshu, Jianshu, Qiangshu, Gunshu (Elementary Taolu)

b. Sanda:

Male - 48kg, 52kg, 56kg, 60kg, 65kg, 70kg, 75kg and 80kg

Female - 48kg, 52kg, 56kg and 60kg